Saturday, October 9, 2010

You are cold...

I just realized that now. I dont claim to be perfect....I am not a mind reader too. I didnt know. I'm sorry you think i'm that low. I'm sorry you think I like putting people down to get ahead. Maybe in your wolrd that is the case, not in mine. If I did what I did, over and over, I didnt know I have been offending you. You are my friend, not just some random girl I met somewhere. You are my bestfriend-- at least in my eyes and in my heart. I dunno if you feel that way towards me. If I have a problem with you, I will talk to you about it. I will try and resolve things with you first. I wont go and tell 'partial' things and utter spiteful words towards you. The more I read what you wrote, the more I understand. You said you dont hate me-- but your words say otherwise. It's full of spite and hatred.

I dunno how much longer I can keep on apologizing. One thing I know, I didnt do it to mock you or spite you and put you down. You should have talked to me about it.

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