Friday, October 22, 2010

Hell yeah I'm still PMSing!!

For some reason, Vodafone is sooooo bloody slow!! After slaving all day at work running around like a headless chicken and trying hard to keep the pesky kids from hurting each other, marathon nappy changing, taking instructionSSSSSSS from McB (yes a hell lot of SSSSSSS coz they keep coming!!!) like I’m an idiot and does not know how to mind children ( I practically raised all 6 of them since they were born!!) and did I mention that she also expects me to clean her mansion??  Yes, mansion!! So if you are an employer who expects a lot from your slave errrr I mean childminder—LOOK AWAY NOW!! :@:@

I dunno what I am doing still working for McB–I have  finished my FETAC Level 5 Childcare Course which means I am a professional Nanny but I am still paid a minimum wage! With so much OT (without pay!!) opppps I’m sorry I get paid for my OTs, I forgot, I get paid A MILLION ALL THE BLOODY TIME!!! A MILLION BLOODY THANKS!! :@:@:@ Thank yous is good but sometimes i prefer cash!! Think about it, she works long hours and she gets paid by her company but she expects me to work as long as her and not get paid??!!  Good swinging mickey!!!! She is good! Hah!! So why am I still working with her?? Oh wait, there is a recession going on and finding a different job is hard and she knows it so she is taking advantage!! Beets!! Bits!! Beats!!Beech!!McSwingingBloodyB!!!!!!!!!tch!! Argh!! When I was talking to a ‘friend’ about this I was told to complain to NERA ( some governing body that sorts abusive employers). And for what??? So I could get fired??!!! Those bloody politicians are so stupid!! This thing works in paper—perfect!!! But in reality, it never will!!!!

I know I should be grateful to have a job unlike other people who are struggling to make ends meet but this is too much. 5 years and she still treat me like an idiot!

My only consolation is #6 can say ‘I wab you Sese’. And another thing with the Sese, my name is not Sese!! He can say BISCUIT no problem but i dont understand why he cant say my name properly!! Argh!! I think I will start vanishing those bloody biscuits from the kitchen press!!
And just now I got another text from a friend. What is it with those ‘send this to 12 people or something abd will happen’ texts??!! Bloody hell!! I am so sick of those. One time I got one of those at 3 am!! 3am!! I would have been the unluckiest person in this earth coz to be honest, i dont do bloody chain letters/texts!!! I have more important things to text about than those useless things!! Argh!!

I have to stop , Beloved is giving me ‘the look’! I dont want more dramas. I think I am not the only one PMSing! :P

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