Sunday, October 17, 2010

A hair cut for every heart ache....

I have been suffering from a bad case of PMS (Pity Me Syndrome) lately-- workwise, personal and social and last yesterday lovelife almost made it to the list!!! Sheesh!! I dunno what is wrong with me. Anyhoo, I decided to treat myself to the salon--fear not! I did not break my bank-- McB gave me €30 gift voucher for my birthday-- and it was 20% off at the salon for all treatments so I went for it!! A haircut every time i feel down seems to lift the moods--been doing this since i was little--only not at the salon, my Uncle cuts my hair till i was in first year high school! hahahaha And I always get this boy hair style and sometimes 'bowl' hair style! :P

Anyhoo, I wish I could put a before and after photo here. Problem is, I cant seem to put the image on the specific place I wanted. Dont ask me--I only learned how to use the computer about 4 years ago. I was determined to have a boy hair cut --I have been obsessing about aggy deyn of late like this one!

But my hairdresser is not having any of it!! She said it would not suit me! Eh? Why? It suited me 100 years ago?? I wish I have a photo to prove it. I was so disappointed. But looking at it now, I see why it would not suit me. Aggy Deyn could get away with short hair or even no hair coz she is so pretty and fab!! And me?? Not! So there!! I am glad I did not push the hair dresser to spell it out that I am not pretty enough like aggy to get away with so little hair otherwise I would have bawled in the salon like a 4 year old who didnt get her lollipop! So i went for a layered bob instead. I cant think of anyone who have a layered bob at the moment. It looked okay, I guess. And to make me feel better, AM- the hairdresser- i kinda like her, suggested I color my pitch black hair. Hmmm, it got me thinking. She suggested a red hue and I almost ran out of the salon. No no no no!! I am not suffering some mid life crisis yet! After arguing with her for 15 minutes --she must thought i'm a fussy b!tch- we agreed on mahogany brown sort of i dunno the right color coz the use numbers to describe it! Dont ask me why!! And by the way, I'm a VIRGIN!!! There!! I said it!! This is my first time to have my hair colored.

I will get you next time Aggy Deyn!! Watch this space!!

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